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episode 3: great heaving chesticles

Have you ever thrown the last of your milkshake out the car window, only to have it splat on the windshield of the car behind you?

Now imagine doing that with liquified human remains, in space, where there are no windshield wipers. Or gas stations with handy squeegee things. What happens next? You might get a really irritated comms call from the next ship in line, who are, incidentally, also about to hit you.

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You’re listening to:

Bonnie Brantley as Jessie

Richard Cowen as Leet

Richard Nadolny as The Narrator

Tim Sherburn as Colin

Eric Perry as Joe

Shannon Perry as Madeline and Olivia

Our theme and other incidental music composed and performed by John Faley.


Sound effects available on Freesound:

Spaceship Engine – just noise.wav by Nexotron

Sci fi door by peepholecircus

Electric zap by JoelAudio

Bridge ambient sounds: 

Car handbrake sound by audible-edge:

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