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Hiatus episode 3: All together now

It’s the much-awaited (or not really), highly anticipated (or sort of mediumly anticipated) Full Cast Q & A, including the guy who does our music!

We had a rare opportunity to gather the entire cast of Oz 9 together in one room, so we quickly made a plan to cast even more doubts on our status as functioning adults by making everyone answer questions.

Thanks to some awesome patrons and Podcast Junkie discord server family, we had fun questions to ask, answer, and not have a clue about.

Thanks to Kyle Jones, Raymond Morse, Jessica Vest, Travis Hull, Paul Nicholls, and Eddie Louise Clark for the fantastic Qs (and we apologize in advance for our As).

You’re listening to:

Bonnie Brantley
Richard Nadolny
Eric Perry
Richard Cowen
June Clark Eubanks
Aaron Clark
Tim Sherburn
John Faley
Shannon Perry

Our theme music (which “perfectly sets the tone,” thank you, Kyle) is by John Faley. There are a couple of spoilers within, so if you haven’t heard all of Season 1, you may want to do that first.



  1. Heloisa Crepaldi Heloisa Crepaldi

    Oh, guys!!! Where can I get the alarm MP3??

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