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Welcome aboard the Oz 9, one of 400 ships launched by Gated Galaxies, ostensibly to find planets suitable for terraforming, since we’ve pretty much biffed this one.

Your crew on the Oz 9:

Captain Madeline: well-intentioned but not really up to the task, where “Mad-Pants Madeline” is concerned, “captain” could only inspire less respect if followed by “crunch.”

Joe, our janitor, who is rarely seen without a mop. Who is, in fact, rarely seen at all, until he opens his mouth. What is up with that??

Leet, IT expert who couldn’t tell you what IT stands for on his best day, but he has really nice pecs and no shirts. So there’s that.

Colin isn’t really Colin at all, but he won’t tell you his real name until you promise not to kill him.

Olivia, our oddly Dickensian-urchin AI who’s basically running the ship but whose intentions are not always honorable. Certainly not where Leet is concerned.

Jessie, captain of a neighboring ship that sometimes gets a little too neighborly…

Cover art by the amazing Lucas Elliott