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who is killing the passengers?

*Before you dive in (and we really want you to dive in), a thing or two to know: we occasionally use some pretty vigorous language, and there are hints of violence (of a very silly sort, often involving decongestant), so this podcast may not be suitable for all. 

Listen in:


episode 1: What the f&#* is that smell?


episode 2: I had a cake all to meself


episode 3: Great heaving chesticles


episode 4: Space is great for sulking


episode 5: There’s a zombie in the corridor


episode 6: Dark and starting to collect liquid


episode 7: The biggest bunch of mindless wankers


episode 8: Things that go stupid in the night


episode 9: Mind the gap


episode 10: Fixing the ejaculax


episode 10 and a half (mini episode)


episode 11: She might do some lasting pickles


episode 12: A bucket full of mime


episode 13: Aim for the mime


episode 14: Of baguettes and bastards


episode 14 and a half (mini-episode)


episode 15: Heroic running!


episode 16: We are not breathing the passengers


episode 17: So the deed could not be done


episode 17 and a half: Between the wormhole and the Rinse McGoo


episode 18: I speak a little oregano


episode 19: Peeing in a bucket and eating pocket lint


episode 20: In space, no one can hear you stupid


Hiatus episode 1: conversation with Leet, Colin, the Albatros, and le Bichon Frise!


Hiatus episode 2: And the rest with Joe, Jessie, Narrator, and Olivia!


Hiatus episode 3: All Together Now




episode 21: You’re not getting a tombstone


episode 22: It wasn’t an olive


episode 23: All of ze tings in zis vun


episode 24: Is it really an esophagus anymore?


episode 25: Hey, Doc, can I pet this?


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