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meet the crew

Tim Sherburn Tim Sherburn (primary character Colin) enjoys a variety of pursuits that are either creative and/or geeky in nature. These include board/video/RPG gaming, cooking, Lego building, and (of course) voiceover acting. Trained as a professional stage manager from the University of Illinois, Tim quickly decided a career in the performing arts was simply too terrifying and decided to embrace the computer nerd side instead (eating regularly has its benefits). After years of working as the “IT Guy” for a variety of companies, he found a place that combined multiple nerdy interests: working as a Program Manager at Microsoft for Xbox. However, he’s always wanted to get back into performance. Working as a regular volunteer at the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library definitely helped to fill the void. However, when Shannon Perry shared with him the idea regarding this podcast, it re-awakened the theatre nerd within, and he’s been thrilled to be part of this amazing project.

Twitter: @ColinOz9 or email:

Richard Nadolny Richard Nadolny (primary character Narrator) has been a sci-fi nerd since childhood, so it’s no surprise that he entered the tech industry as a software engineer. His true calling, however, wasn’t code, but words, so he became a technical writer. His writing career has involved many aspects of the computer industry, from old-school user manuals and online help to UI design and knowledge base management. An avid (some might say obsessed) gamer, he’s spent thousands of hours in virtual worlds. He also collects comic books, and while he can’t tell you what Rogue’s real name is, he won’t shut up about “Saga” or “Y The Last Man” or… you get the idea. Working at one of the world’s largest online gaming services, he’s combined his writing skill and gamer background while peeking behind the curtain to discover what goes into providing today’s online gaming experiences. Other notable life happenings include Army veteran, father and grandfather, and card-carrying Costco member.

Twitter: @Oz9Narrator or email:

Aaron Clark Aaron Clark (primary character Le Bichon Frise) is a husband, father and an aspiring actor turned accounts associate from Illinois and no, he actually doesn’t live in Chicago. Having spent the better part of 30 years performing locally in many community theatre productions such as wacky musicals (Spamalot and Evil Dead the Musical) to serious dramas (Appropriate and Good Boys and True), Aaron is thrilled to try his hand at podcasting. He loves spending his free time talking, cooking, watching Netflix and playing trivia with his lovely wife of three years, June (whom he has been friends with for 25 years), playing at the park, reading with and riding roller coasters with his smart, energetic, six-year-old Lizzie, and vacationing and hanging out with his friends of 25 plus years, Tim, Richard, Billy and Darin (we need to get together again soon, fellas)! Please enjoy his outrageous French accent (thank you, Monty Python, Inspector Clouseau & Kevin Cline).

Twitter: @oz9BichonFrise or email:

Author, inventor, statesman, world’s oldest child prodigy, Eric Perry (primary character Joe) is, of course, some of these things. He is also a seasoned improvisational performer having spent a number of years in the Austin Improv community as well as having worked in independent film both behind and in front of the camera – much to the camera operator’s chagrin. Eric now lives in a split-level duplex in Tacoma and refers to himself in the third person. Like all stable geniuses do.

Twitter: @oz9Joe or email:

Bonnie Brantley As a baby, Bonnie Brantley (primary character Jessie) used to talk and sing to her night light before she went to sleep. She has been talking to herself and inanimate objects ever since.

Her work experience includes dressing up as Chuck E. Cheese, being a nanny, working as the world’s least threatening museum security guard, being a terrible waiter, cartooning and animating, acting in two ridiculous and hilarious movies that hardly anyone has seen (with fellow Oz 9 Voice Actor, Eric Perry), and doing voiceovers for lots of things. She has done voiceovers for video games, websites, educational programs, commercials, and cartoons. She voiced several minor characters in the original Beavis and Butthead episodes, most notably as “the morning wood fairy” and loves being able to write the word “butthead” on a resume.

Bonnie lives with a very patient husband, an adorable and hilarious daughter, two ridiculous dogs, and a turtle named “Turdie” who may outlive her.

The Oz 9 podcast is the most fun she’s ever had in a closet.

Twitter: @JessieOz9 or email:

Richard Cowen Richard Cowen (primary character Leet) is a newcomer to performing, but is quickly catching on to the action behind the microphone. A native of Anchorage, Alaska, he now lives in Seattle, Washington where he works as a general contractor building and remodeling homes.

While his early training did include some dance lessons and art classes, so far the only thing he’s been able to bring to the show is being completely tone deaf. (Leet’s singing was more reality than acting…)

When he’s not doing crunches in space, he spends his time woodworking, playing board games, RPGs, video games, and brewing shrubs. He has been enjoying being a part of the Oz-9 journey, and he looks forward to continuing this journey with this amazing team of performers and artists.


Shannon Perry Shannon Perry (primary character Olivia) writes stuff. Just not bios.

Twitter: @oz9podcast, @oz9olivia or email:

John Faley John Faley (primarily a character) is a semiprofessional musician living in Shoreline, Washington. He works as the Music Director at Faith Community Church in Edmonds where he leads worship every weekend.  For his day-job, John is an architect where he specializes in church design and private school projects.   

John has been playing music for as long as he can remember, and writing and recording music since the late 80s.  His music has been used in custom presentation videos for his architecture work, in weddings, funerals, baptisms, anniversaries, church services of every type; and now Podcasts. John is most excited about the variety of musical genres that can be explored during any given Oz 9 episode – metal, jazz, lounge, cartoon; there’s a place for everything. 

John loves playing music and singing with his wife and their two children, both of whom are accomplished musicians. 


June Clark Eubanks June Clark Eubanks (primary character The Albatros) spends most of her time playing with her daughter, Lizzie, her husband, the Bitchin’ Free—I mean, Aaron, and the college kids at Parkland (where she teaches theatre classes) and Illinois (where she works with psychology grads) in Champaign/Urbana.

Light years ago, she earned a BA from Southern Illinois University in theatre/performance and an MFA in directing form Illinois State. She spent what seems like millennia doing shows in Chicago, New York, and Miami. No stranger to sci-fi, June played a body-snatched-villainous-professor in a staged production of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and a small role in an educational film called Invasion of the Step-Family. She recently invaded the Oz-9 as a hologram image of Glenda (the bad witch) and had so much fun that she begged to join the crew! Now, as the ‘white blood cell’ of this aimless space body, she hopes to protect these beloved idiots from further danger. Apologies in advance if she wreaks more havoc instead! After all, she’s not actually a librarian…