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season 2 episode 2: It wasn’t an olive

Name three animals that can see in the dark.

What happens when an animal that couldn’t… suddenly can? Given that it’s happening aboard the Oz 9, my guess is that it isn’t good.

Strange things are afoot aboard our ship, and most of them are the crew.

You’ve been listening to:

Bonnie Brantley as Jessie
June Clark Eubanks as the Albatros
Tim Sherburn as Dick, Colin, and Emily
Eric Perry as Doctor von Haber Zetzer and Head 1
Aaron Clark as le Bichon Frise and Martin
Richard Cowen as Leet
Shannon Perry as Madeline and Olivia
And Richard Nadolny as your narrator.

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Oz 9 is written and produced by Shannon Perry; our artwork is by Lucas Elliott, and our theme and other music are composed and performed by John Faley.

Until next time, space monkeys, Narrator out.

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