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episode 13: Aim for the mime

You know how the little fluffy dogs are always the meanest? Well, this¬†bichon frise is no exception. He’s coming for Captain Jessie, and things are looking bad for the fearless, tartan-clad leader of the 6748.

Join our intrepid- sorry, that’s insipid,¬†crew as they try to help Jessie *pouf* her way to safety.


Richard Cowen as Leet

Tim Sherburn as Colin

Eric Perry as Joe

Bonnie Brantley as Jessie

Aaron Clark as le Bichon Frise

Shannon Perry as Madeline and Olivia, and

Richard Nadolny as the Narrator.

Our music is composed and performed by John Faley.

Oz 9 is written and produced by Shannon Perry

Sound effects from Freesound:

Want to help the Oz 9 limp safely to a terraformable planet? Or at least stay up in space rather than plummeting noisily to a fiery conclusion (sorry, Sweden!)? You can support us by buying Oz 9 merchandise or becoming a patron on Patreon.

Thank you!

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