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episode 15: Heroic Running!

Here’s a shocker: the Oz 9 crew’s lives are in danger. Suffocation, toxic gas, a loose assassin, the risk of being crushed under their own denseness–perils lurk around every corner and certainly between slices of bread.

Still, they’ve managed to make it through 14 episodes, so there may be hope for them yet.

Oh, who are we kidding. These people would starve to death on a broken carousel.

You’ve been listening to:

Tim Sherburn as Colin and Head 2 or “Emily”
Bonnie Brantley as Jessie
Eric Perry as Joe and Head 1
Aaron Clark as le Bichon Frise
Richard Cowen as Leet
Shannon Perry as Olivia and Madeline
Richard Nadolny, as your Narrator, and
Introducing June Eubanks as Glenda

Our theme music and other music was composed and performed by John Faley.

Oz 9 is written and produced by Shannon Perry.

Sound effects from Freesound:

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