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Mini episode fourteen and a half

In which

It’s late, and there’s an assassin loose aboard the Oz 9, but Leet isn’t going to let that interrupt his conversation with sleeping people.

After all, in at least a dozen conversations, only one of them called him stupid.

Leet really REALLY needs a pen pal.

You’re listening to:

Richard Sherburn as Leet
Aaron Clark as Ben
Shannon Perry as Olivia and
Richard Nadolny as the Narrator
Our theme and other music was composed and performed by John Faley; Oz 9 is written and produced by Shannon Perry.

Thanks as always to all our patrons, and welcome to our two newest, David Dear and James Jamtaas! You can be cool like David and James by becoming a patron of Oz 9 on Patreon.

Sound effects by Freesound:

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