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episode 18: I speak a little oregano

You know that one colleague at work who is just hopeless? Tries earnestly to do the job, help out, and be useful, but usually ends up spilling his beer on the control panel and shorting out half the city? Yeah, would you mind taking him back because WE HAVE ENOUGH IDIOTS UP HERE, THANKS.


Seriously the best part of this whole episode is when someone named Kenzie tries to order Thai food.

You’ve been listening to:

Kenzie Whipkey as herself
Aaron Clark as le Bichon Frise
June Eubanks as Glenda and the Albatros|B
Bonnie Brantley as Donna
Eric Perry as Joe and Mr. Southers
Tim Sherburn as Colin and Buck Nubbins
Richard Cowen as Leet
Shannon Perry as Madeline and Olivia, and
Richard Nadolny as your Narrator

Sound FX from Freesound:

Our theme and other music are composed and performed by John Faley. Oz 9 is written and produced by Shannon Perry.

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