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season 3 episode 2: Escaping at a brisk walk

Something nefarious is happening on a golf course in French Lick, Indiana. Actually, several nefarious things. Well, OK, like, three… maybe four nefarious things, and then a whole bunch of naughty things. Look, we’re losing the point here.

Look, just listen to the episode. It’ll be easier than me trying to explain it to you.


You’ve been listening to: Aaron Clark as Ben and le Bichon Frise; Sarah Golding as Mrs Sheffield; Iri Alexander as Julie; Richard Cowen as Tiberius and Leet; Kevin Hall as Felonius and Greg; Bonnie Brantley as Donna and Jessie; Shannon Perry as Olivia and Madeline; Tim Sherburn as Colin; June Clark Eubanks as the Albatros; David S. Dear as Doctor Theo Bromae; Eric Perry as Doctor von Haber Zetzer; and Richard Nadolny as your Narrator.

This episode was directed by June Clark Eubanks. Our artwork is by Lucas Elliot. Our music is composed and performed by John Faley. Oz 9 is written and produced by Shannon Perry.

Trailer: Dimension Door Podcast

This episode, number 42, is dedicated to Douglas Adams, the hoopiest frood of them all.

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