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episode 5: there’s a zombie in the corridor

Heave a sigh of relief: Leet’s symmetry has been restored. Might suggest you breathe through your mouth, though, as there’s a rapidly decomposing dead person in the corridor. Messing up Joe’s clean floors. Seriously, zombies are why we can’t have nice things.

Not clear on the Cumberbatch/penguin reference?

Download the full transcript of episode 5.


Richard Cowen as Leet
Bonnie Brantley as Lady Lucretia Nibble-Biscuit
Tim Sherburn as Colin
Eric Perry as Joe and
Richard Nadolny as the Narrator
Oz 9 is written by Shannon Perry, who also plays Madeline and Olivia

Our theme music and other incidental music was written and performed by John Faley.

Sound effects from Freesound:

peephole circus (door)
sieuamthanh (alarm)
iamgiorgio (fire extinguisher)
screamstudio (air raid siren)
wizage (gulps)
nexotron (engine noise)
okieactor (gunshot)
fredzed (airlock)

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