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episode 6: dark and starting to collect liquid

In which

Leet reveals a certain fascination with some heavenly orbs…

More pods go squelchy…

We discover how the crews of the Oz fleet were assembled, and …

The narrator reveals a Very Big Secret.

Find the full transcript here. 

You’re listening to:

Richard Cowen as Leet
Bonnie Brantley as Jessie and the Interviewer
Tim Sherburn as Colin and Dick
Eric Perry as Joe and Dr. Friederich von Haber-Zetzer
Richard Nadolny as the Narrator
Oz 9 is written by Shannon Perry, who also plays Madeline and Olivia

Our theme music and other incidental music was written and performed by John Faley.

Sound effects from Freesound:

peephole circus (door)



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