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episode 2: I had a cake all to meself

Something’s gone pretty wrong on the Oz 9, and Olivia, the ship’s AI, doesn’t seem all that keen to fix it. Meanwhile, Colin’s convinced he was the target (despite being the only one in his section still alive), and the mystery of Leet’s missing shirts is being completely ignored, unlike his pecs.

Will they figure out who cranked up the tanners? Or even how to make lunch?

Access the full transcript to episode 2.

You’ve been listening to:

Richard Nadolny as the Narrator,

Tim Sherburn as Colin

Richard Cowen as Leet and interviewer

Eric Perry as Joe and Dr. Friederich von Haber-Zetzer

Bonnie Brantley as Holly Martin Maples

Oz 9 is written and produced by Shannon Perry, who plays Madeline and Olivia.

Music composed and performed by John Faley

Sound effects available on Freesound:

Spaceship Engine – just noise.wav by Nexotron

Sci fi door by peepholecircus

Electric zap by JoelAudio


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